Tree of Life

Olive and cypress are two fundamental elements in Andrea Roggi’s art, as they restore the artist’s strong bond with his native land, Tuscany, where these trees grow in abundance, filling the hills. It is an invitation to protect our beautiful land and, if possible, to make it better. The reflection at the base of the Tree of Life, in fact, determines the human being as a link between the earth, where the olive tree grows, and the other part of the world, the celestial one. An embrace in which the roots and branches of the tree merge with the human limbs, indicating our duty to make good use of what we possess in our territory and to transform it, through our uniqueness, into new fruits for future generations. . An invitation therefore to continuous improvement, like the branches of the tree that aspire to the sky towards ever higher peaks, we find ourselves in balance between a part of us that is in the earth and the larger one that tends to the sky: part of us is in the ground, but most of us is above the sky.

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Andrea Roggi