Techniques and matters

Lost wax casting technique

Lost wax casting is the bronze crafting method which was mostly used by Maestro Roggi since the dawn of his career. The love for Etruscan art led to the learning and development of this technique, since it represents a profound link between past and present.

Dynamic casting technique

Dynamic casting is a bronze crafting method which was conceived and patented by Maestro Andrea Roggi and his team in 2019. This technique is the result of inspiration and research since it was conceived in response to the artist’s need to give life to ineffable material forms.


Bronze is the alloy (copper and tin) most used by Maestro Andrea Roggi for his creations. It is the matter through which he manages to give shape and consistency to his ideas. Thanks to bronze, the artist creates ethereal and, at the same time, very suggestive artworks.


Maestro Andrea Roggi has been sculpting marble since 2017, because of his profound passion for classical art. These refined marble works, in fact, restore the artist’s excellent aesthetic sense and testify his marked human sensitivity.


Steel is an alloy (iron and carbon) that Maestro Roggi approached in 2020, due to its delicate and elegant appearance. Through this alloy, the artist has created artworks of rare beauty and complexity, which are capable of communicating an exceptional sense of softness, as opposed to the real hardness of the material.

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Andrea Roggi