Energy of Life

The message of this omnipresent element in Roggi’s production is really direct. With rare immediacy, all the sculptures that represent this concept communicate a sense of universal belonging to the fundamental values ​​of life, such as coexistence, whether in a couple’s union or in maternal love, whether linked to a friendly dimension or extended to the union of all peoples in a single circular embrace. The meaning of life is inherent in universal belonging, from the roots of the world to the tip of the sky; it is inherent in the belonging of each individual to the rest of humanity, in an eternal union. As hatched from the earth to which it belongs, the golden sphere is the symbol of the continuous making and the continuous regeneration of the cycle of life, therefore it is often placed between the two figures at the height of the heart: it indicates the pulsating force of existence; indicates the engine of the world. Energy of Life embodies the meaning of Andrea Roggi’s production: it is the primordial essence of existence, the regenerative element of humanity, on which we depend and for which we feel an irresistible attraction. Therefore, Energy of Life becomes the emblem of the Circle of Life, when it is inserted within the works of Roggi. It becomes, in fact, the main conceptual element of the artist’s entire poetics.

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Andrea Roggi